The Saltwater Edge Fishing Report – 1/17/13

saltwater edge fishing report 1/17/13

Low and slow is producing in the Providence River

Winter Over Striper fishing in the Providence River has been both productive and comfortable….for now.

In a recent presentation, Dave Pickering who writes a excellent and regularly updated blog discussed his experience with winter over stripers in the Providence River.  He discussed some patterns he found in what is an inconsistent fishery. He feels that rain and/or snow events create improved daytime fishing; but experience demonstrates nighttime is best. He also believes the South Main Street side produces better on the high tide as the channel is along the South Water side and that area is his preference at the lower stages of the tide. Dave has a lot of experience in the Providence River and is an excellent resource to learn more via his blog or frequent presentations on the topic.

saltwater edge fishing report

Fin-S Fish Albino

Low and slow retrieves with smaller rubber baits on 1/4 – 1/2 oz  jig heads are the most effective offering.  Good examples are Zoom FlukesFin-S Fish and Cucahoes. This type of lure can be retrieved slowly and still produce a lot of action.

Here’s the satellite map of the area. Bundle up and have fun!


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