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2017 Saltwater Fly Fishing Gift Guide

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Saltwater Fly Fishing Gift Guide

If you are a saltwater fly rodder and don’t know what you want this holiday season, the Saltwater Fly Fishing Gift Guide should help give you some good ideas. The Guide is full of awesome gifts and includes our newest, best-selling and most recommended items in the saltwater fly fishing category, as well as some good ideas by price.  If you are still jammed up Gift Certificates always fit.

saltwater fly fishing gift

New: Simms Guide Pliers are a great addition to your gear bag or wading belt. These “Made in America” pliers are well designed with a large hollow hinge that both reduces weight and adds to rigidity. The handles are textured for a secure grip when wet and incorporate a bottle opener and a beveled notch for tightening knots. The replaceable tungsten carbide cutting blade holds its edge well and the Kydex holster is light and waterproof. Utility leash included. ($269.95).

Hyros reel

Best Seller: Orvis Hydros Fly Reel is a very nice product at an amazing price point. It has the “big three” things you need in a saltwater fly reel: sealed drag system, low start-up inertia, and a large drag surface. For sizing, 7-8 weights would utilize the Hydros IV and 9-10 weights the Hydros V ($239 and $259)

Top Tackle: The new Orvis Helios 3 is billed as the “most accurate rod ever”. That’s a tall order. In saltwater fly fishing accuracy is most critical when flats fishing for bonefish and stripers; but when is it ever a negative? Orvis technology has dramatically reduced the side to side oscillations found in some degree in every fly rod. In the hand, it feels as though any wasted wiggle is directed down the line for improved accuracy AND distance. The power present in the H3 also makes it a fine fish fighter for a 9 footer. That was clear while turning and lifting +20lb Harkers Island albies earlier this fall. The flats fisherman will appreciate the matte finish that mitigates “rod flash” that can blow your shot while wading in the skinny. ($898)

Under $30: Fly rodders are typically using one hook and they have to make the most of it. A good hook sharpener could turn the “I had a tap” and a “he missed it” into the fish of a lifetime. Dr Slick Hook Sharpeners come in 4″ and 6″ sizes and have Medium/ Light (4″) or Medium/ Heavy (6″) grit. They are treated with deep penetrating long lasting rust inhibitor for a long useful life. The small file goes in your flats bag and the 6″ can handle flies above 1/0 ($10-15.99)

Under $50: Your search for a durable saltwater fly box is over. The Umpqua Boat Boat is made of a lightweight plastic that is gasketed and therefore watertight. It is the perfect solution for saltwater fly storage. Each box features a thick, durable slotted foam internally on the top and bottom lid, and unlike other boxes on the market, one external slotted foam sheet for easy drying.  Storing wet flies is the recipe for rust. ($39.95 – 59.95).

Under $100: The RIO Coastal Quickshooter XP (Extra Powerful) was a top performer for albies this fall. The XP version of Quickshooter was developed with the East Coast angler in mind and adds more weight at the front creating a line that loads fast for quick delivery and can cast large flies as needed. While RIO’s original Outbound series cast great, the mono running line seemed to tangle more than other lines. RIO’s Coastal QuickShooter incorporates a more supple core and an improved coating to reduce tangling in cooler climates. A winner! ($89.99)

Orvis school

Going for a “Wow!”: Orvis False Albacore Fly Fishing School is designed to help you develop the specific tactics and techniques to up your albie game and really your entire saltwater fly fishing game as albies require you be at your best to find consistent success. Advanced fly casting, tackle and fly selection, rigging and fish fighting are emphasized. The second day is guided fishing with Orvis Endorsed guides. Sign up on the Orvis website here ($489)

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