Early season striper

4 Keys to Targeting Early Season Stripers

early season striper

Theories abound as to when the first of the early season stripers will arrive and how water temperature impacts their arrival. Here in Newport the betting man would say the first stripers will be caught at the east end of Second Beach; but what factors are at play that can be applied to other striper landfalls?

1) A dark bottomed cove or river mouth. Look for morning low tides and 50 plus degree daytime temps. The sunnier the better. In this scenario the dark bottom will soak up the “heat” giving the incoming water a temperature bump.
2) A southwest breeze will only help raise the temp and push the bait in tight. The steadier the the breeze the better.
3) An early afternoon high tide. This leaves the low tide to soak up some sun in the morning and then have the high tide to turn in the afternoon and drop into sunset.
4) Two hours either side of the high gives you the best shot in the early (pre May) season

Do your best to stack these factors in your favor and you will improve your chances of coming tight to the first stripers of the season. These articles on gear and effective techniques for early season stripers should also improve your odds. Tight lines!

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