The Saltwater Shower Blog First Post – 5/2/10 – Scott Wilson

The Saltwater Shower Blog First Post – 5/2/10

Editor’s Note – We’re kicking off Scott Wilson’s Blog entitled “The Saltwater Shower” with his first post. Look for more from Scott and other blogging community members in the community blogs found here.

First Blog Post – 5/2/10


Like Merch, we have moved to a new location this year.  While we are not very far from our old place, dramatically different fishing terrain exists and I’m trying to familiarize myself quickly as the weather warms.   It is a much slower pace up the river and bay compared to the swells and suds of the rocky coast.  I find myself puzzled frequently regarding my approach to this unfamiliar territory.  I continually reach into my bag for slow wiggling metal lips to match the pace of the gentle current.  Slashing and splashing topwater plugs seem oddly out of place to me.  I’m now constantly searching the wide expanses of empty water for signs of underwater structure, observing the track of the current and investigating bottom depth changes that might signal fish friendly accomodations.  The comfort and confidence that I sometimes felt when fishing my familiar spots is noticably absent when staring out at these new stretches of water.


I am counting on a more productive spring as the bait concentrates in the upper reaches and with quick access to both the Sakonnet River and the bay it should allow near daily fishing without much travel time.  When late June and July approach, I’m comforted by the fact that it’s only 12.5 miles to my old stomping ground (yes, I measured) and the BIG WATER that I adore.  Scouting has not been unproductive and my daughters are thoroughly enjoying the new playground.


My nephew was in town recently and was thrilled to try his hand at some surf casting.  He proudly announced to the passers-by as we walked back to the car that “the only thing we caught today was a seagull”.  At least it was a very feisty seagull..


Our oldest has become my most dedicated fishing partner (sorry George).  At 11 years old, she is in her third season of surfcasting.   She has become more confident on the rocks and her first pair of Korker’s are currently on order.   I’ve tried to build her confidence slowly, adding a skill each time out.  Early on, we brought just one rod to share, to keep the focus on safety and learning( for both of us).  This year she has become relatively hands-off and independent and I enjoy watching her lob casts and retrieve her plugs.  Time spent teaching her only reinforces what I know and don’t know and the time that we spend is priceless.  I imagine she will get her chance at big bass this summer and I’m excited to see how she will handle the opportunity and the excitement.


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