The Saltwater Edge

The Saltwater Edge – Here’s to Twenty More Years!

Two decades ago, the Saltwater Edge opened on Thames Street in Newport, Rhode Island.  Our original focus was saltwater fly fishing. The entire space was slightly larger than a studio apartment; but our customers provided enough of a spark to allow us to grow and expand. It was clear early on that surf casters were as adamant about their split rings as the fly fisherman was about the quality of the hackle. The common denominator was passion. As a result our offering expanded as well to include more surfcasting, inshore and offshore tackle. Ultimately, we moved three times and “settled” into a 3,600 foot combined retail (The Saltwater Edge) and ecommerce production and fulfillment ( location at 47 Valley Road in Middletown, Rhode Island.

The Saltwater Edge

47 Valley Rd Middletown, Rhode Island

Throughout 2013 we will celebrate our twentieth year with a number of promotions, special events, seminars, and open houses.  It’s our way of saying thank you to all of our customers who have become much more than that; you have become our friends.

What I remember most throughout the time is not the great fish or their awesome surroundings.  It’s the friendships won and lost that have made my journey worthwhile.  I have been inspired by the generous spirit and incredible creativity of the people I have met. We have grown together and for me it has been an incredible amount of fun. It was been a privilege to work beside some excellent and gracious fisherman who are even better people. Knowing each day is sure to include a good fish story and a belly laugh is a blessing beyond belief. And for that, all I can say is a humble Thank You.

Peter Jenkins



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