A Rudy Runs Through It – Trout Bummin’ Babikian Style

Although I love surf fishing for striped bass there is something that attracts me to trout fishing. So for the last week I have been rolling out of bed at 9 AM and slipping into a comfortable pair of waders, grabbing my 5 weight fly rods, and fishing numerous trout streams. The trout journey started on a river that is only minutes away from my home. There I found steady action for 3 days catching browns, land lock salmon and one giant 22+” brook trout.




Fishing was good but most of these trout were stocked and they did not fully cure my trout fever. My dad reminded me of his home waters, the Catskills. He told me about the hatches that occur on the Catskill’s rivers, how they become loitered with bugs and large fish that don’t hesitate to chew on a fly. So I prepped and packed my car for another road trip designed for a fisherman. There would be no five star dinners or extravagant lodges. Instead there was only a sleeping bag, handful of Twinkies and Gatorade. The following morning I departed for the six hour trip. While turning on the radio I realized it would be my only entertainment for the next few days other than fishing.


Picturing large trout sipping dry flies made me begin to step on the pedal harder and harder, giving myself a mental high five every time I shaved a minute off my estimated arrival time as displayed on my GPS. By 10 I was in the East Branch of the Delaware River and there were already some bugs coming off the water. The fish were smart and I only caught only a few. Towards the end of the day an inexperienced angler began casting over my line while yelling “any luck!” in frustration I told him “yes on this fly” while I threw over a size 2/0 clouser thinking it would not catch a trout.

That night I went to bed praying that the fishing would pick up. The fishing God’s fulfilled my wish the next day as I caught dozens of wild browns in the 12-15” class, slowly, my trout sickness was cured. I sighed in regret when I saw the man downstream throwing that 2/0 clouser. I watched him for a minute before realizing he had hooked up on the clouser. While laughing hysterically, I made a cast to a likely spot and hooked up to a significant fish. 15 minutes later I brought a 24” brown trout to hand. After releasing the beautiful fish I walked back to my truck knowing my sickness was, for now at least, cured, and that now I must begin my 2010 journey for Striped bass.



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