A Very Basic Guide To Saltwater Fishing Lure Types

What follows is basic information that highlights the various types of saltwater fishing lures available. Having the right lure for the conditions/situations you encounter on the water can be the difference between a productive trip and getting skunked. More detailed information can be found by digging deeper into each category.

Casting Swimmers:

These sub-surface plugs excell in rough conditions where it becomes difficult to stay “”in-touch”” with your lure. This style is also ideal in cross-wind situations for the same reason. View Castings Swimmers For Sale

Jigs / Jig Heads:

It’s never a bad time to throw a bucktail jig. The variety of available weights and styles will enable you to find the right lure for the depth, structure and weather conditions you encounter. There’s a reason you’ll find a bucktail in most survival kits. Browse the Jigs Category


The unique action and large profile of this lure are perfectly suited for fishing areas with STRONG current. Find Darters Here

Eel Skin Jigs:

Fishing eel skins, much like fishing live eels themselves, just works. Eel Skin Jigs allow you to go deep, getting your eel skin down to where the fish are holding. Purchase Eel Skin Jigs


An excellent choice when a long cast is needed due to the location of the fish/structure or wind conditions. The variety of tins available ensure you’ll find the weight and action you need to work these lures at the optimal speed and depth for any situation. Tins For Sale


Casting distance and proven effectiveness make the needlefish the first plug to come out of many a surfcaster’s plug bag. There are many types of needlefish on the market. Find needlefish with various sink rates so you’ll be able to fish a wide-range of conditions without hanging up. Don’t be put off by the needlefish’s seeming lack of action. This is a big-fish catcher for sure so stick with it! Browse our selection of Needlefish

Soft Baits (Plastics):

The irresistable action inherent in soft plastic lures make them a good choice to induce even the pickiest fish into striking. The vibrations put out by the tail of a swim shad or the darting action of a slug-go are sure to draw the attention of any bass or other fish in the area. Stock up on Soft Plastic Baits Here

Surface Poppers:

Classic Saltwater Lure. crawling one of these through the wash with an occasional “”pop”” is a great way to induce exciting surface strikes. The slower the retrieve often the better when targeting striped bass. Surface Poppers for Sale

Metal Lipped Swimmers:

A “”go-to”” lure when bunker, herring, or other large baitfish are present. It’s reputation as a poor-casting lure, while well deserved, shouldn’t scare you off – This is a great BIG fish lure. View our Metal Lipped Swimmer Selection

Pencil Poppers:

This lure combines the ability to cast long distances with the ability to call fish up from the depths by causing a commotion on the surface. Many of these lures respond best to a high-rod-tip, walk-the-dog style retrieve. Purchase a Pencil Popper

Plastic Lip Swimmers:

You won’t find many plug bags that don’t contain this “”staple”” of saltwater angling. Bombers and Redfins are just a few examples of these “”classics””. Many find success employing a slow retrieve with these lures. Find Plastic Swimmers Here

Casting Jigs:

Whether used in a vertical presentation or casting situation, these lures will catch most anything that swims. These are a popular choice for anglers pursuing pelagics such as albies, bonito, and bluefin tuna. Shop for Casting Jigs Here

Surface Spooks:

This lure has enjoyed a renaissance in recent years being reinvented as a larger saltwater lure from it’s freshwater counterpart. The side-to-side or walk-the-dog action produced by this lure provides a more subtle presentation than the splashier pencil popper. Find Surface Spooks for Sale

Fluke Rigs:

Pre-rigged and ready to catch fluke. Tip these w/ your favorite choice of bait for success. Stock up on Fluke Rigs

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