Peter JenkinsThe Saltwater Edge has been sharing our passion for saltwater fishing with anglers for over two decades. Our retail shop is located in Middletown, RI, just over a mile from First Beach in Newport, in the heart of some of the best fishing for Striped Bass you’ll find anywhere in the world. Our staff and contributors (some of whom you can meet below) come from a wide variety of angling backgrounds and are always on the lookout for the next adventure.Why do we do what we do?We love fishing, and all the people, places and experiences that come with it. We’re “Pro” having fun while angling, having the “right tools” for the job, and expanding your angling horizons. We’re “Con” degradation of natural resources, wind knots, tailing loops, backlash and poor driving.
Who are the people of The Saltwater Edge?
Peter Jenkins (Owner, above right) – Peter is basically the guy who makes it all possible. You’re likely to find him fishing dry flies on the Farmington or casting Ray’s Flies to stripers. “Jenks” (as he is known to his friends) was a lacrosse BEAST in his day. Member of the Washington College Hall of Fame.  Forums Handle: Jenks
Pete G
Peter Graeber (General Manager, left) – The “other” Peter. Pete’s the guy who keeps everything moving here at The Saltwater Edge. You’ll find Pete both on shoreline and sea chasing striped bass, albies, and tuna with all manner of fishing gear but don’t be surprised to find him wielding the long rod with a prowess rivaled only by the manner in which he “cracks the whip” around Edge Angling and the SWE. It could definitely be said Pete “enjoys the finer things” be it a german automobile, freshly ground & brewed coffee, Atlantic Grille for lunch, or the very best in custom wooden plugs. So if you see a guy cruising the Drive or heading to the docks in Newport in a fine German automobile outfitted with roof-rack and Wet Okole neoprene seat covers, sipping on Starbucks, chances are you’ve found Pete. Forums Handle: Pete_G
Chris Chobot (Web Guy) – You might find Chris upstairs at The Edge (or at home at all hours) working on the website. But he’d rather you found him out fishing in his farmer grizzly or battling schoolies on his 2-weight. Chris’ favorite food is Nachos… Honey if you’re reading this how about Nachos for dinner? Forums Handle: cchobot
Corey Pietraszek – Capt. Corey is the hardest working person we know. In season he’s out on the water, guiding his clients to that fish of a lifetime. Corey maintains a photo gallery, blog and email newsletter on his website: A highly accomplished angler in his own right, you may find Corey casting to bonefish, bass, blues or battling bluefin tuna on the fly. His vision and angling instincts are the stuff of legend, as is the pumpkin hat he’s wearing in the picture. Forums Handle: Striper134

SteveSteve Cook – Steve is an accomplished angler, as well as fly casting and tying instructor. When not manning the sales floor at The Saltwater Edge, he runs some very popular offseason fly tying classes, fixes reels, and gives casting lessons. Steve’s a true jack-of-all-trades and he once even dated Dolly Parton. Forums Handle: Steve C

Dannielle Chobot (Picture coming soon!) – Dannielle is DEFINITELY the shop mother around here, and quite literally Chris’ mother. Dannielle is the one who balances the books and keeps us in our vendors’ good graces. She enjoys tea and reading about the history of New England, Aquidneck Island, and The Chesterton Windmill.

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