An Inside Look at Rudy’s Plug Bag – Rudy Babikian

Conditions and spots change and so should the plugs you bring to spots but I have a couple default bags that I use in certain conditions.  Before heading out I always look at the spot and see if I am going to be fishing big, calm, shallow, or deepwater. Obviously these aren’t the only variable in surf fishing you have to look at the baitfish present, current, etc. but these are normally the plugs I toss in the bags in these conditions.

PS. I know I have a bad habit of throwing expensive plugs but I want you to know the commonly available substitutes will work just as well.

Calm water Shallow / medium depth water (1-3 ft seas, 10-30 feet deep)

BM A-40 White(Tattoo large swimmer)
BM JR. Pearl (Tattoo medium swimmer)
BM Musso wadd Pearl(superstrike musso wads)
BM musso wadd Blurple(superstrike musso wads
habs 3.5 pink over white (afterhours 4.5 ounce needle)
Tattoo spook white
AL gags canal special white
Black Sluggo, Superstrike darter white
1-1/2 to 2-3/4 ounce white bucktails with red white striper sea strip
Rigged eel
Premade 50-60 lb leaders
Breakaway clips
#4 swivel spro

Rough Shallow/ medium depth water (4-6 foot seas, 10-30 feet deep)

Super Strike little neck swimmer white
Bucktails 2-3.5 ounces red/white striper sea strip
Habs 3.5 chartreuse, 7 inch swim shads pearl spot
eel bobs
BM musso wads pearl
BM gibbs style wadd pearl, and chartruse
Premade leaders 50- 80 lbs leaders
break away clip swivel
# 4 spro

Calm or Rough Deep water (40-VERY DEEP)

2- 6 ounce bucktails white Pork rind red/white striper sea strip
9” swim shads, BM cowboy pearl (Tattoo deepdiver)
habs, 3.5 pink over white
BM jr. pearl, Northbar bottle darter,
Super strike little neck popper yellow over white,
eel bobs
Premade leaders 50-80 lbs
breakaway clip
swivel #4

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