Captain Gluek’s “Guide Tested” Lure Selections

“Guide Tested” Lure Selections


Captain Ryan Gluek of Double Haul Anglers has assembled two “Guide Tested” SWE lure selections that are sure to be a hit with the fish and the fisherman. The two current selections are priced at $49.95 and represent a significant savings over purchasing these items separately. Each pack comes in a Plano 3600 tackle box. These make a great gift.

The Early Season Striped Bass Selection has a variety of searching lures to help you reach and fool the spring stripers:

Point Jude Silver Minnow

Daiwa SP Minnow – Mother of Pearl

Andrus Jetty Caster – White 1.25 oz

10 Gotcha 4” white grub tails

Savage Gear Manic Minnow – Ghost

Point Jude Herring Blue Sea Scallop

Rebel  Jumpin’ Minnow(with upgraded hooks)

SWE Tackle Box

Olure selection

The Albie/ Bonito Selection will have you ready to roll when they blast into town next August:

Point Jude Po-Jee 1.5 ounce

Deadly Dick – #1L Green

Hogy Epoxy Jig  – Silver .625

Albie Snax – 2 ea. Amber, Pink, Pearl

Albie Snax hooks (3 pack)

Larry’s Lurz Small Casting Egg

Steve Cook’s Bonito Bunny

Steve Cook’s Bay Anchovy

SWE Tackle Box

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