fishing report 6.4.15

Fishing Report 6.4.15

The bite continues in the Upper Bay despite the wind and rain this week. It took a variety of techniques to stay on the fish. Topwaters, live lining, trolling, flies and vertical rigging all produced at various times. The significant rain probably has the squid looking for saltier water; but the pogies schools are still present although fragmented due to the “pogey boats” doing a number on some concentrations.
fishing report 6.4.15

Image Courtesy of On The Rocks Charters

Anglers adept at using their electronics are finding fish when there are few visible clues. While the main course is pogeys there are a variety of baits present with one being mantis shrimp. Be aware this bait hugs the bottom and can make the bass selective when it is locally abundant. Flats and coves are the habitat where they are typically found.
Further down the Bay the fluke bite is improving. Reports of bass to 50lbs along the South County beaches. Buzzards Bay is experiencing fishing similar to Narragansett Bay in terms of bait and technique. The Canal has improved this week as well.
One of my favorite writers Dave Anderson had a great article in the latest Fisherman Magazine that makes the case that the next three weeks may be your best chance at a trophy bass this year. The fall fishing has become more inconsistant over the years and it has always been find the bait find the fish with the schools moving at a good clip. Dave’s logic that now late spring might be your best shot makes good sense.
Hey it June! Get out and enjoy it!!
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