Fishing Report 8.21.14 – Apex of Our Season

Saltwater Edge Fishing Report — August 21, 2014

saltwater edge fishing report

Matt McCabe with likely Rhody record cobia off Fort Adams

We have reached the apex of our fishing season in terms of water temperatures and species. This is despite the fact recent air temps are more suggestive of mid September. Earlier this week of Ft Adams here in Newport Tom McCabe landed the likely state record cobia. Details on the catch at On The Water.

For over the past three weeks there have been good numbers of bonito in the fish traps here in Newport. We have heard barely a peep about local catches. There have been frigate mackerel around which are smaller versions of bonito. There certainly seems to be enough bait around to keep the bonito and albies around when they do arrive. A recent quote “for every blitz of birds on Ocean Drive 9 out of 10 are bluefish”


As a result of the “slow start” to the bonito season we will add albies to our Quantum Smoke Photo Contest and extend the date for submission to September 15. Bonito and albies are beautiful fish and make for great photo’s. Judges want to see a beautiful image that captures the colors and excitement of the annual visit from the inshore speedsters. Please send you images to and please include “photo contest” in the subject line.

Striper fishing remains spotty with proven inshore spots having fish one day and not the next. Block Island has been the only consistent producer. There is loads of bait inshore; but not many stripers.

saltwater edge fishing report

Striped Bass release

In other striper news: The Atlantic coastal states and jurisdictions have scheduled their hearings to gather public comment on Draft Addendum IV to Amendment 6 to the Interstate Fishery Management Plan for Atlantic Striped Bass. The dates and location for specific states are available here. If you are concerned for the state of the striped bass fishery please make plans to attend the meeting closest to you.

The Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission (ASMFC) is considering three options. The first is the most aggressive with a 25% reduction in the 2013 harvest to occur in 2015 to achieve the necessary reduction in one year. The other option have a smaller initial impacts over a longer periods. There are multiple constituents and ten states involved. The steady decline of striper population has left pockets of good fishing to those with a boat, a fish finder and live bait; while most other methods (artificials) and locations (surf and inshore) have been spotty at best all season. Most of the folks we talk to feel that the more aggressive action contained in Option 1 now is most appropriate to allow the stock of the striped bass we all love to begin it’s rebuilding process ASAP. It will be important that the “recreational voice” be consistent as the fishery doesn’t not need more ideas it needs more action.

Let’s remember the striped bass is the most available fishing option for all Rhode Islanders. It has a long season, can be caught from the surf, a kayak or a boat and can be caught by a variety of methods lures, bait or flies. There is no more important fish with a broader economic impact in our waters than striped bass. It should be managed for all to enjoy.

saltwater edge fishing report

Great job Jack!

The deeper the better has been the word for fluke of late. Squid strips and Gulp have been working well on a variety of rigs. The new Gulp Rigs from Run Off Lures have been expanding their fan base north from their Jersey roots

saltwater edge fishing report

Weather windows and temperature breaks have been relatively easy to come by; but consistent offshore action has yet to materialize in the waters east of Block Island. There had been a solid bite in the waters south of Martha’s Vineyard; but that is out of range for most Rhoddy Captains. Most trips produce a bluefin of yellow of legal size and some mahi; but bigger fish and multiple knockdowns was not been the story this year. Those willing to put away the spreader bars and vertical jig have been rewarded and sometimes handsomely. Here is a Tackle and Tactics post on Vertical Jigging for Bluefin. When offshore be mindful of sun exposure and think about the gear you wear.

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