Fishing Report 9.12.14 – October is promised to no one!


fishing report

Mike “Iron Mike” Everin

One of the most talented and generous fisherman I know (Mike Everin otherwise know as “Iron Man”) told me this many years ago that “October is promised to no one” and we would all be wise to follow his advise. Inshore, offshore, kayak and surf it is prime time. Get on the water now.

The news begins and ends with albies and their spirited invasion of our shores. This is the best albie run in a recent memory. Loads of bait and favorable tides has made for memorable fishing. The peanut bunker and increasing presence of bay anchovies has made for a bit of a guessing game on what to throw; but the fish don’t lack for food and this make us hopeful of a longer visit. The feed seems to be best during moving water. Outflows and river mouths are delivering waves of food and when albies are present they tend to hang around. Mike Laptew had a great article in this weeks Fisherman Magazine sharing his underwater observations of albies on the hunt. He describes them as “squadrons” He observed a variety of different formations of the school dependent on how tight the bait was. It is a great read. We have the issue in the shop now and you can access the online version via subscription here. One of the most awesome sights in fishing is the rare sustained surface feed you see when gamefish push bait to the surface continuously and decimate their prey. Baitfish have no where to go, you can see/feel the pressure created from below and some times they stay up for a while. It is hard to imagine how many peanut bunker and albies it takes to create that level of commotion.

Surf Fishing Report

fishing report

Waiting to hear of mullet in the the surf; but no reports as of yet. Albies from the stones has got shorebound anglers excited and most all the usual locations are are producing with jetties and breachways topping the list. Other locations where deep water is close to shore have been productive as well. Likely a residual benefit of the vast amount of bait that is around. For lures the Po Jee wins for distance and quality of hardware. For finky fish Albie Snax; but you will trade off casting distance. For the fly guy white Bunny Fly’s match the hatch. The new Loomis Short Stix arrived this week and they punch out a nice fast, long cast which is just the ticket with the fast movers. At 7.5 feet they are light and powerful. The 9/10 model is perfect for the stones and the 10/11 for weighted lines from a boat. Come by and demo this eye popping addition to our fly rod wall.

Inshore Fishing Report

fishing report

While epic feeds have occurred on occasion; it is far more common to find fish popping here and there, smaller less intense feeds and fish caught blind casting. All these scenarios can be explained with smaller schools. Mike Laptew observed bluefish under the albies on some of his dives and on one memorable trip stripers below the blues!

For the boat angler the song remains the same. Fish active areas, try to identify a pattern (often structure related) fish ahead of or beside the school and keep you offering in the strike zone.

Kayak Fishing Report

Scott sup

September might be the best yak month of the year. Loads of bait, fish on the move, a variety of species and warm water temps. Surf launches at Third Beach or Point Judith should put you close to the funny fish. If you want to check out one of the Jackson Fishing Kayaks say the word. We have demo models of the Cuda 12 and Big Rig as well as the SUPerFISHal stand up paddle board. Give a call and we will get you on the water.

Offshore Fishing Report

The jig bite has improved as over the last few weeks. Ronz’s in green and pink are delivering on the overnight. If you want to learn more check out this primer on vertical jigging. The yellow fin bite in particular has been excellent in the canyons. Also word of 40-50 lb bluefin closer to home in the Mud Hole. Look for your weather window.

Remember October is promised to no one! Get on the water now.

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