FISHswe – Experience-Driven Fishing Tournament

Have you had a chance to check out FISHswe? FISHswe is our very own “experience-driven” fishing tournament. Whether you’re a seasoned tournament angler – or consider yourself to be “anti-fishing tournament” we encourage you to read on:

Unlike normal fishing tournaments where results are determined about the number and/or size or weight of the fish you catch – FISHswe is designed to encourage anglers to pursue angling experiences. Doing so has allowed us to create a format for a tournament that really frees up the angler to fish however they like. In fact, the more places you go, people you fish with, species you target and tactics you use – the better! This tournament definitely favors the adventurous angler. All you need to do is snap a few photos (and if you like write a few words) to enter. Signup is FREE, there are sponsors and prizes and you can even submit your own ideas that we will use to create new angling “achievements”.

We encourage everyone to get over to the FISHswe website. There you can learn more about the Tournament and see the pictures and stories that other Anglers have already been posting. Feedback from the early signups has been that this tournament is FUN – and that’s something we’re glad to hear – since that has been our goal all along. Regardless of whether you choose to participate or not, we wish you all a safe and fun season this year!

Here’s a video detailing some parts of the FISHswe website:

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