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G Loomis PRO4x Short Stix Fly Rod

PRO4x Short Stix Fly Rod

Immediate impression: “Wow. This is really different” Most saltwater fly rods are 9 feet and many 10 and 10.5. So how is the GLoomis Short Stix going to improve my fly fishing?

Here’s how:

Light in the hand – You can throw this rod all day long. It puts a smile on your face.

Loads quickly – You need to use a shorter stroke overall and the rod performs best with newer distance lines like the Airflo Sniper or Wulff Ambush lines. You need to keep your tip down to load the rod from the outset. After those adjustments it is dreamy.

Generates a ton of line speed – Shoots line effortlessly for increased distance. The rod is sweetest with two backcasts. It does not carry a lot of line in the air very well; but that is not where the fish are. Even more so than most rods you need to let the rod do the work. This should benefit beginners as well as experienced fly anglers.

Short 7’6″ length provides at least three additional benefits

1) Greater accuracy – ideal for docks, mangroves and sight casting

2) Power in the butt – lift albies under the boat and turn fish from the stones

3) Fly the water longer – how many fish follow the fly to the boat? Here’s at least an extra foot and a half of retrieve as well as the greater distance achieved on the initial cast with fewer false casts.

The Short Stix are optimized for short head fly lines like the Air Flo Sniper and Scientific Anglers Titan.

The Pro 4X puts a smile on your face and get’s your fly back in the water further and faster. Where to fish are…come on by and give it a try.

Product Specification:

The size 8/9 and 9/10 have short, full wells grips and large fighting butt. The 10/11 and 11/12 have and integrated fighting grip with short full wells handle and large fighting butt. All models have K-framed stripping guides to reduce tangles and single foot guide to reduce weight.

7’6″ 3 8/9 300-350 grains X-Fast X-Stiff
7’6″ 3 9/10 375-425 grains X-Fast X-Stiff
7’6″ 3 10/11 425-475 grains X-Fast X-Stiff
7’6″ 3 11/12 475-525 grains X-Fast X-Stiff
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