Jackson Kayak Kraken

Gear Review: Jackson Kayak Kraken

Gear Review: Jackson Kayak Kraken

Kraken 15.5

Kraken Elite 15.5


Kraken Elite 13.5

Given the ocean swell off Aquidneck Island and the typical chop in Narragansett Bay Ocean State kayak fisherman needed a purpose built fishing kayak to handle surf launches and tackle nasty conditions while traveling fast and far. The Kraken is far and away the most ‘sea worthy” kayak in the Jackson line up and it now comes in two sizes a 15.5 and a 13.5 footer. What they share is a wave-splitting hull design and glide. The Kraken hulls are long and narrow to track straight and cover distance.  Get the boat moving and get ready to make some time. As you would expect the longer boat tracks a bit better and is faster while the 13.5 turns quicker.

Kraken Fishability:

From the beginning Jackson has done a fine job of listening the angler. Fishing ergonomics is a real strength for Jackson and this is even more the case with Kraken. Jim Samson of the Kayak Fishing Show was involved from the inception of the 15.5 version. Many of the best features also appear on the 13.5 model.

Our Favorite Features:

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Both versions have an over abundance of rod holders and a slick forward hinged center hatch (big improvement/ simplification) that utilizes a tray insert that when removed accesses the entire hull and a ridiculous amount of storage. The lid on the hatch is equipped with gear tracks on each side for rod holders, camera booms, fish finders, a GPS, etc.


Both Jackson Kayak Kraken’s also feature the super comfortable Elite 3.0. In the 15.5 version it rides low and adjusts forward to aft to level the load. The 13.5 has the same Elite 3.0 Seat; but it adjusts front to back in a more limited way as well as up and down similar to other Jackson fishing kayaks.

Among the other fishing features of both kayaks:

  • Transducer scupper is located right in front of the seat for improved performance and sized for serious electronics with a thoughtfully installed in-hull battery tray up front
  • Huge KKrate storage box / bait tank can be plumbed through a dedicated pump scupper if you choose
  • Water-resistant seat back pouch from Seal-Line. Heavy duty construction that will keep your camera and other items out of the elements
  • Just a ton of storage capacity

What it isn’t:

It is not as stable as other Jackson hulls so standing to fish is not a strength of Kraken. That is not to say it is tippy. It has excellent secondary stability when seated. It’s a simple matter to spin around and grab some tackle or a new bait out of the KKrate.

The 15.5 is a lot of boat and can be a challenge to load and transport.

Jackson Kayak Kraken Product Details

Video Walk Through 15.5

Video Walk Through 13.5

All the kayaks we sell at the Saltwater Edge come with rudders installed. We do this because the rudder is essential to controlling your drift and to maximize maneuverability and therefore safety.

All Kraken’s come outfitted as described here.

Kraken Standard 13.5 with rudder $1549

Kraken Standard 15.5 with rudder $1649

The Elite Version has all the features of the standard version with some additional fishing features for those looking to get a more fishing ready kayak. The Kraken Elite comes with the new 2-layer standing pad, fish grips, line cutterz, RAM 2007 Rod Holder, (2) RAM Tough Tube w/base, YakAttack 1.5″ Screwball, and JKrate Low with Rod Holders.

Kraken Elite 13.5 with rudder $1949

Kraken Elite 15.5 with rudder $2049

Please call the shop at 401-842-0062 to learn what models and colors are currently in stock and to arrange a demo.

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