Jecks bucktail

Gear Review: Jeck’s Bucktails Passionate About Quality

Jeck’s Bucktails Passionate About Quality

jecks bucktail

Jeck’s Green Mackerel Bucktail

Plug builders and tin makers are held to incredibly high standards for quality of hooks and hardware and most notably finish. Why are jig makers any different? I get it that bucktails probably take the biggest beating of any plug out there so who cares what they look like, right? I disagree. We work hard for the money we spend on our gear so weather we are buying a new wooden plug or a few bucktails, that $20 bill should buy quality. There are a lot of bucktails on the market, all of them catch fish and most of them will hold up pretty well but to be quite honest, the finish would be sub par by plug builder standards.

Then came Jeck’s Bucktails. Jeck, his wonderful wife Rosanna and their two pups started coming in to the shop and buying arm fulls of our best prime bucktails during the winter. A couple months ago I asked him if he also poured his own lead and he responded buy pulling two of the most beautiful 3oz bucktail jigs I have ever seen out of the front pocket of his sweatshirt. I took one from him and gave the hair a few quick, hard snaps to see if they would hold up and it didn’t shed a single hair. I had to get these in the shop.

jecks bucktails

Jeck’s Baymen Special Bucktail

We received our first order last week and they have already become a hit. Everyone is impressed by the consistency and the quality of Jeck’s work. They are top notch at a very competitive price. All of them are made on various super strong Mustad hooks depending on size, use prime bucktail and sport 3D eyes. Select styles use genuine Whiting Farms hackle as well. Check out the complete offering here.

Jeck lives on the South Shore of Massachusetts and was introduced to fishing at a young age by his father and he became seriously hooked about ten years ago. He focuses mainly on saltwater fishing and fishes all over RI and MA. His love for the Cape Cod Canal started about five years ago and he found that bucktails he made produced the best results for him.  With  encouragement from his wife and fellow fishermen/women friends he decided to start making them for sale. His mission is to create high- quality, durable, and affordable bucktails that will catch you a “cow!” In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with his wife, two dogs and of course, fishing!

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