Saltwater Edge Vise

Gear Review: Saltwater Edge Rotary Jig Vise

Saltwater Edge Jig/Fly Tying Vise

Designed to hold larger saltwater flies and jigs securely

Saltwater fly and bucktail jig tiers have always been challenged to find a vise strong enough to hold their larger hooks securely, stable enough to stay put on the tying table and come in at a reasonable price. Most of the vises on the market today are designed with freshwater tiers in mind and as a result tend to accommodate smaller hooks with 2/0 often the largest. It is very difficult to find a vise that accommodates the appropriate range of hooks sizes commonly used by saltwater tiers. Also, for a vise to hold up under the stresses of tying saltwater jigs and flies the vise needs to be a good deal beefier than it’s freshwater counterpart. A good example of a requirement for the saltwater tier that is often overlooked is the need for a wide and heavy base that will not rock as bucktail and feathers are being wrapped. In addition with jigs, the weight in the head requires fine jaw adjustment to maximize the grip on the imbalanced hook. After searching for a vise that holds these larger saltwater hooks securely and being unable to find one…we made one! The Saltwater Edge Rotary Jig Vise retails for $189.

These vises are designed to hold standard gauge hooks for size 2 up to size 9/0. This video demonstrates the wide range of hooks sizes that can be held securely and provides information on how to adjust the jaws.

If you need a vise for saltwater tying. We think we may have what you are looking for with the Saltwater Edge Jig Vise. If you have any questions please feel free to call us at 401-842-0062.

Happy Tying!



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