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Gear Review: Stormr Surf Top

The Stormr Surf Top stands as further proof of Stormr’s ability to listen to the needs of the user. As with the rest of the Stormr line, material selection and fit are two strengths inherent in the design of this top. Similarly the build quality is excellent as all the seams are glued, blind stitched and thermal taped to keep you dry. Stormr style.

The Stormr Surf Top features neoprene wrist gaskets which will help you stay dry while providing more comfort than the latex style gaskets found on other tops. The adjustable neoprene neck gasket features a velcro closure which allows the wearer to choose between having the neck open to breath or closed to maximize dryness. The waist has a 2-way adjustable seal (utilizing both velcro and drawstring adjustments) to create a snug fit and the overwrapped neoprene waist helps to create a seal.

Stormr has designed some great hoods on their other jackets and the Surf Top is no exception, you’ll find a 2-way adjustable hood so you can really “batten down the hatches” if need be.

One of the most interesting and innovative features of the Stormr Surf Top is the large, catch-all pocket located on the front. The way this pocket is attached to the top allows your surf belt to slide BEHIND the pocket, allowing both your surf belt, and the pocket to serve their intended purpose. The design also allows use of the pocket as a hand-warmer, which can definitely come in handy when trying to tie knots under adverse (cold, raw, wet) conditions.

In addition to Stormr’s masterful use of neoprene there is material they have incorporated called “stretch fleece” that makes the top noticeably lighter and less inhibiting than anything else we’ve seen to date. As soon as you put this top on and pick up a surf rod to cast you’ll notice what we’re talking about. Maybe the best way to put it is that this jacket has that “not wearing anything at all” level of comfort. That is hard to come by in a top designed to be used under harsh conditions.


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