van staal x series reel

Gear Review: Van Staal X Series Spinning Reels

van staal x-series

Gear Review: Van Staal X-Series Spinning Reels

One of the most proven products in saltwater fishing is the Van Staal X Series Spinning Reel. It is often the preferred choice of surfcasters, kayak fisherman, light tackle tuna chasers and saltwater gear heads. Their preference is based on proven performance in the harsh environments in which they fish. Van Staal reels are tough (as in overbuilt) to perform reliably, completely sealed against saltwater intrusion and sized for applications from bonefish to bluefin.

Van Staal recently introduced the new X Series Spin Reel and there are two new features that create significant benefits that hardcore saltwater anglers should be aware of.

Here’s a recap of the Van Staal X Series product improvements discussed in the video

1) New traverse guide which slows oscillation optimizing line management
– better performance with braids at high drag pressures – will not dig in on itself
– 10% more line on the reel
– increased casting distance due to reduced line friction coming off the reel

2) Increased count and pitch of threads on the main shaft increases drag range
– greater drag range than the current VS series
– allows more precise drag settings
– audible clicker informs the angler to the relative amount of positive/negative drag

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