Jersey Shore Surfcasters Surf Day

“Top Shelf” is what comes to mind. The Jersey Shore Surfcasters put on a heck of a show this past Saturday in Lincroft New Jersey. Here is a video of the proceedings is case you did not attend Jersey Shore Surfcasters Surf Day 2013. The speakers, the vendors and the venue seemed to work for the 800+ attendees. As a vendor who produced a similar show in Newport for almost 10 years I know what goes on behind the scenes to make it all go smoothly and that’s where JSS excelled. Every detail seemed to be in order and the after party for the vendors was a very nice touch. Thank you. Great job guys!


For Surf Day the Saltwater Edge worked with three other Rhode island companies to host a one day winner takes all raffle called “Rhody Cares” in an effort to support “Surf Fisherman for Recovery”. This is an organization of surfcasters that is on the Jersey Shore assisting with the post Sandy rebuilding efforts by rolling up their sleeves and donating thier time and talent and to the degree possible buying building materials.

Gibbs Lures, Point Jude and Red Gill USA came together and donated in excess of $500 worth of product to raise money for this organization. When my buddy Scott Smith of Hansom Hackle saw what we were up to he added a pair of his pliers. The Saltwater Edge sold the raffle tickets at their booth and nearly 25% of the attendees went to their wallet and bought a ticket. Thank you.


Jim Hill of Surf Fisherman for Recovery and Peter Jenkins of The Saltwater Edge drawing the winning ticket in the Rhody Cares Raffle

When we pulled the winning number the holder was not in the room. The winner with ticket number 349681 is Greg Hryszko. And to friend Dave Anderson of Surf Asylum Lures and the Surfcasters Journal who had number 349680. Better luck next year! In all seriousness a sincere “Thank You ” from Gibbs Lures, Point Jude and Red Gill USA to those who bought tickets to support “Surf Fisherman for Recovery” and therefore the recovery efforts on the Jersey Shore.

A reminder that the coupons you received when you signed up for the raffle are valid through 3/10/13. Savings of 20% on Gibbs Lures, Point Jude, Red Gill and Saltwater Edge jig and fly tying tools, materials and VMC hooks.

If you enjoy surfcasting you should make plans to attend in Surf Day 2014.

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