NEW THIS WEEK: 7.17.2014

Tons of New Gear Arriving

Many new products are beginning to make their debut here at The SWE. Getting our emails and checking in on our FB page are great ways to stay up-to-date on all the latest changes. Of course, if you live nearby you can always just stop in to get a feel for the recent additions.


In addition, we’re going to try and write blog posts more often about the new products. This will give us the chance to enter into a little more detail, including additional info and details about what’s already here and what’s soon to come. So let’s get right into it.

Block Island Green Gibbs Needlefish


During Gibbs recent revamp the idea was kicked around to ask about bringing back one of the ALL TIME GREATS: The Gibbs Block Island Green Needlefish. Thankfully, Matt from Gibbs obliged and we’re now proud to offer this Needlefish once again. The rich history of needlefish lures and this color in particular has been well documented by our own Dennis “DZ” Zambrotta in his work “Surfcasting Around The Block”. How great is it that today’s generation of surfcasters can get their hands on lures like these and fish the same areas where some of the best nights ever went down, We hope many will be able to make a little of their own surfcasting history.

New Hansom Gear


Hansom pliers are widely known as a great value for surfcasters. More recently, Hansom has been releasing a bunch of new products targeted at providing anglers with quality, functional gear at a fair price. First came 6″ pliers and new split ring pliers. Then came the new necklight. Now we’re excited with the release of a hook file as well as a collapsing kayak net with rubber mesh. The growing lineup of quality, functional gear has us excited about future releases from Hansom.

Tactical Anglers Crossover Series and Hot Mullet Color


While the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear “Tactical Anglers” is probably their 125# clips, this week you might want to check out their growing lineup of lures. First up, the new “CrossOver Series”. There are two new lures in this series: a popper, and a walk-the-dog style topwater spook. The finishes on these lures are really beautiful changing and flashing at times brilliant colors in the light.

TA has also released a new color, “Hot Mullet” that will be featured on some models of their other lures. A quick google images search for “Hot Mullet” will bring up classic mullets such as those of AC Slater, Macgyver, Joe Dirt and David Bowie from his role in Labyrinth and Uncle Jesse from Full House. So it seems that this new color from Tactical Anglers really has it’s work cut out for it.


Ultimately, the bass will decide.

Joe Shute Skirts


We’re REALLY excited to finally have Joe Shute skirts at The Edge. Somewhere, Dylan Schmitz is smiling. It was Dylan’s idea, probably over a year ago now to get these skirts in the shop. Basically EVERYBODY we talk to about these skirts tell us how great they are so we’re really happy to be able to offer them.


Currently, we have the popular colors in the 3 oz, 5.75 oz and 8 oz versions. In addition, we have two colors in the 3 oz Glow-In-The Dark model, which we hear has been popular on Big Eye. Hopefully this will signal just the beginning of an expanded selection of quality offshore gear available here at The SWE.ale to our customers.

Rockhopper XL Clip and Contoured Bag Strap


Rockhopper products are beloved by many for their EXTREMELY high build quality coupled with really well thought out and functional design. While it’s true that these attributes come at a premium price, to those who want to have the right gear to fit their needs, the one-time expense is well worth the years of functional use.

Following that model are two new products from Rockhopper we’re excited to be able to offer. First off is an XL version of their Rock Solid Belt Clip. These clips are quite a bit larger than the standard belt clip (3-1/8″ long) – this makes it perfect for hanging your boga grip or other tools off of.

The other new product is a contoured shoulder strap aptly named the “Protect-Your-Neck” Shoulder Strap. If you’ve ever had the experience of having your shoulder strap continuing to ride up and chafe your neck while your casting/fishing you will really appreciate that Rockhopper took the time to solve this problem with this high quality strap.

A few New Star Rods


We have nothing but good things to say about the star rods we’ve carried here at the shop. The Stellar Lite Series of Surf and Boat Rods, for example, have left the building with many a happy customer and have RARELY made their way back. We’re not sure what it is about these rods that make them so bullet proof, but as a tackle shop we’re thrilled with how they’ve been received by our clients.

It was only natural therefore for us to take a closer look at some of the newer lines of Star Rods like the new Paraflex Surf Rods as well as their Seagis line of Inshore Rods. We’re bringing in 3 new models of each series that we think you will find to be very useful on our local Surf and Inshore/Kayak/SUP fisheries.

Scott has been putting his new Paraflex Surf through the paces and has been thrilled with the results. He also just picked up a new Seagis for use on the SUP that he feels will take his Scup game to the next level.

Jackson SUPerFISHal


The Jackson SUP is in – and it’s a thing of beauty. When you stop to think about the possibilities that this uber-stable, stealthy fishing platform can open up, we think you’ll agree it merits consideration. How would you use your SUPerFISHal? Stalking striped bass on the flats? The higher vantage point aids in spotting fish. How about cruising the harbor in and around the docks at night while casting worm and squid flies? Because the fish are often right up against the docks/boats you could come at them from a new angle. What about silently approaching schools of Albies and Bonito this fall with no motor noise to put them down? These are just a few of the applications we’ve been daydreaming about, what about you? How would you use one of these?

We think this subject has legs and we’re going to leave that for another day and a full blog post.

Thanks as always to all of you our clients for your patronage.

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