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Ocean Born by Patrick Sebile

Ocean Born Lures by Patrick Sebile

Ocean Born


Patrick Sebile is responsible for designing the Sebile Stick Shadd and the Sebile Magic Swimmer. Less than a decade later these are proven striper lures are a staple in most surf bags and inshore tackle boxes. A few years ago Patrick sold his company to Pure Fishing, but that doesn’t mean Patrick stopped innovating.

Recently, he launched a new lure company called A Band of Anglers, and the first focus of this new company is developing lures for large saltwater gamefish like striped bass and bluefin tuna a series he calls Ocean Born.

ocean born flying series

Recognizing “you can not catch a fish you cannot reach” Patrick first focused on dramatically improving casting distance and as a result developed side wings and low air friction ribs. According to Sebile, these innovations caused the Flying Series plugs to fly 10 to 20 percent farther in field testing than his competition. In our experience, the Ocean Born Flying Pencil immediately became the longest casting pencil in the bag outdistancing loaded Cotton Cordel Pencil Poppers and Guppy Lures here on Ocean Drive.

Patrick with a nice one on the Ocean Born Flying Pencil

The first two Ocean Born baits are a popper and a pencil. Each lure will come in three models — floating (F), sinking (S) and super long distance (SLD) — with 4x trebles for the Floating and Sinking models and 6x tinned trebles for the Super Long Distance, and in eight colors.

Ocean Born Flying Popper

Ocean Born Flying Popper

The traditional narrow-neck popper has a reputation for castability and versatility – it works in all conditions, including rough water and strong current. The Ocean Born Flying Popper utilizes innovative side wings to enhance the aerodynamics and serve to give the lure lift once it is in the water. The low air friction ribs reduce air resistance improving casting distance and water turbulence.

Because of its versatility, you can make the Flying Popper pop, spit, walk or create a bubble trail. It comes in Floating, Sinking, and Super Long Distance (SLD) models. The Sinking and SLD models offer a great swimming action on a slow retrieve much like a lipped swimbait.

Ocean Born Flying Pencil

Ocean Born Flying Pencil

The shape of the Ocean Born Flying Pencil is typical of other pencil poppers, but the castability and action of the Ocean Born Flying Pencil are exceptional. The side wings enhance the aerodynamics and serve to give the lure lift once it is in the water. The low air friction ribs reduce air resistance and improve water turbulence. That means the Flying Pencil casts farther than existing pencils.

It comes in Floating, Sinking. and Super Long Distance (SLD) models. These lures are incredibly versatile and easy to master. Utilizing the range of models and varying the retrieve speed or cadence, you can have the Flying Pencil popping, spitting, walking the dog, skipping along the surface or slow swimming underneath.

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