Please Take the Time to Write

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Please Take the Time to Write

Loud and Consistent Voice

The recreational voice has been loud and consistent at the public hearings for Draft Addendum IV to Amendment 6 over the last month or so. Recreational anglers support a an immediate 25% reduction with a one fish option with 32 inches preferred. The process concludes with written comments that are due by September 30th. Please consider writing a letter to the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission to reiterate and reinforce the consistent message they have heard thus far.

Every Letter Counts!

Comments should be sent to Mike Waine, Fishery Management Plan Coordinator, 1050 N. Highland St, Suite A-N, Arlington, VA 22201; 703.842.0741 (FAX) or at (Subject line: Draft Addendum IV.)

Ross Squires of “1@32” created a simple format that you might find helpful by providing the recommended options that you should be including in your letters. These options represent that will most enhance the long-term quality of striped bass fishing, conserve the population, and is the most practical to implement. Just write a quick intro paragraph, paste the recommended options, and add your personal information.

Recommended Options:

Section 2.5.1: Stock Assessment Reference Point Option
Option B: Uses the preferred 2013 benchmark assessment.

Section 2.6: Timeline to Reach Harvest Reduction
Option A: Reduces mortality by 25% in one year.

Section 3.0: Management Scenarios: Coastal Recreational Fishery:
Option B3: one fish per person per day at 32 inches.

Section 3.1 Commercial Quota Transfers
Option A: Prohibit quota transfers from one region to another.

Section 3.2: Commercial Size Limits
Option A: Would require the same size limits for commercial harvesters should the recreational size limit be increased.

The Saltwater Edge is sponsoring a raffle to recognize those who took the time to write. If you copy on your letter to ASMFC you will be entered in the “Took the Time to Write Raffle” and might win a prize package that any surfcaster would be happy to receive. Plugs, tins, bucktails, soft baits and teasers from the best brands in surfcasting. You will not be disappointed and it is our way of saying “Thanks for taking the time to write”


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