Rise of the Fly?

We’ve noticed a significant upswing in enthusiasm  for saltwater fishing with the fly rod over the past year or so.  From our overflowing open fly tying nights throughout the winter to our bustling ORVIS FF101 and 102 CLASSES on the SWE grounds this spring, there seems to be a renewed interest in the journey that surrounds this exciting method used to pursue our local species and it appears to encompass all ages and gender.

saltwater fly fishing

A recent example that we truly enjoyed was a visit to our shop by a young woman newly stationed at the Navy Base in Newport, she arrived in uniform asking to see our saltwater fly selection.  After some discussion of the local patterns and suggested places to fish she explained that she was anxious for her vise and gear to arrive with the movers and noted that she was expecting a child and was hoping to get some new waders for her postnatal present.  We’ve also found more frequently, traditionally surf fishing types are intrigued by the challenge and thrill of landing the fish that they target on a fly rod.

saltwater fly fishingsaltwater fly fishing

Fly fishing lends itself to many of the latest improvements in angler transportation.  More and more, kayak designs provide the ability to stand and fish. Stand up paddle boards are more than stable enough to accommodate a fly caster creating a great platform to work from.  The latest rod technology, sealed drag reels and line advancements are making fishing in wind and surf more managable and enjoyable than ever before.

There is, of course, a slightly larger learning curve in terms of delivering your offering effectively under the conditions that an angler is often presented with when saltwater fly fishing and the accompanying issues of line management.  But this is just one part of the journey and process and the Saltwater Edge Staff is always available and willing to help with advice and instruction to further the process.

saltwater fly fishing


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