Saltwater Edge Rod Building Classes

Rod Building Classes Hosted by Aquidneck Island Rod Builders

rod building classes

We are happy to partner with Aquidneck Island Rod Builders to host our Rod Building classes with Ted Zack. Ted is an amazing builder and a patient teacher.  

The class includes two days of hands on instruction (typically a Saturday and weeknight ten or so days later), complete rod building kit and your choice of three spinning rod kits for your build. Cost of the class is $295 and is due two weeks in advance in order that the appropriate supplies can be acquired.

Rod Building Kit

  • HWS-1 Professional Hand Rod Wrapper
  • CRB 9RPM Drying Motor with Rod Support
  • Book – Rod-Building Guide: Fly, Cast, Spin by Tom Kirkman
  • DVD – Mud Hole “Rod Building 101”
  • 24ml ProKöte Medium Build Rod Finish
  • 2oz. ProBönd Paste Epoxy
  • Tip-Top Adhesive Stick
  • Small Razorwand
  • Thread and Line Clippers
  • Thread Burnishing Tool
  • Thread Pick
  • 4 Finishing Brushes
  • 4 Mixing Cups
  • 4 Mixing Sticks

Choice of 3 Spinning Rod Kits
These spinning rod kits feature rod blanks constructed of the industry-standard IM6 graphite (44 million modulus) to guarantee a high-strength low-weight rod.

MHSK-23       IS701L            7 ft      8-12#               ½-1 ½ oz.
MHSK-24       IS701M           7 ft      14-19#             1-2 oz.
MHSK-25       IS701H           7 ft      15-25#             1 ½ – 3 oz.

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