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Saltwater Edge Albie Kayak Shootout – 9.18.16

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From the Yak! Photo Credit Brian Malchoff

Saltwater Edge Albie Kayak Shootout – 9.18.16

Join us on Sunday, September 18th for the first Saltwater Edge Albie Kayak Shootout. The Albie Kayak Shootout is a catch and release photo documented tournament. Participants can fish anywhere; but need to be at the Closing Ceremony at the shop at 1 pm on the 18th. The Closing Ceremony will include awards, raffles and food (ideally a food truck).

Albie Kayak Shootout Details

  • Participants are required to register in advance at the Saltwater Edge or on our homepage. An original signed a liability waiver must be in the possession of The Saltwater Edge by 4pm on the 17th in order to receive the Tournament Identifier via email. Participation is free.
  • Participants can fish anywhere on September 18; but must be at the Closing Ceremony by 1 pm to be eligible to win an award
  • Photo documentation must have both the taped fish, the Tournament Identifier and some portion of your kayak clearly visible. A scalable, digital image is the ideal format as it will provide more information for the judges than other formats.
  • Curved Fork Length Measurement must be taken in a line, tracing the contour of the body from the tip of the upper jaw to the fork of the tail. More info here.
  • Top Three Albies win a prize. Biggest Bluefish (standard measurement = fish, ruler, identifier) also wins a prize.
  • AKS Tournament Identifier will be emailed on September 17th at 4pm to all registered participants
  • Judges decisions are final
  • Participants are required to wear a PFD
  • Use of radios and cell phones are encouraged
  • Kayaks powered by paddle, pedal, or electric motors only.






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