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Saltwater Edge Fishing Report 10.10.13 – Hot Fishing with Cool Temps

Saltwater Edge Fishing Report 10.10.13

The fishing gear is begging for a break with broken rods, reels that make noise when you turn the handle, and a boat could use a serious scrubbing; but at the moment this is not enough to slow me down as we get closer to the end of the season. This time of year is by far my favorite. I really start feeling like I can put some patterns together to get me into fish consistently. Currently the Ocean State is under attack by striped bass and blues. Lately some of the bigger baits like mullet and pogies have joined the bay anchovies on the gamefish menu.

The bonito have been chewing on the ancovy baitballs for the better part of two weeks. It seems a bigger than average bonito has slid in to make up for a weak albie season and there are no complaints. Many anglers leave the dock with “one for the grill” on their minds as the bonito makes great table fare. Also, some what unique this year has been the relative lack of surface feeding. In years past you could see the bones coming as a frothing herd moving fast. This season has been more challenging because without obvious visual clues you need to focus your attention on the bail balls that appear as dark brown patches of water or as a blob on your fishfinder.

fishing bait balls

“Find the bait and find the fish”

If you want to learn more about fishing bait balls check out the Saltwater Edge Tackle and Tactics blog post of this topic; included is a great video from Captain Sarah Gardner owner of Fly Girl Charters from Harkers Island, NC.

This time of year really brings out the benefits of the stealthy approach provided by the kayak. The relatively slow moving baitballs and the rewards of blind cating versus chasing make this one of the best times of year to fish out front. I have seen some rather “muted” kayak fisherman of late and the fish don’t know you are there; but be damn sure the boaters do! Please make yourself viable. Use a flag and wear a bright jacket. Better yet ride in a bright Jackson Cuda! We have the 12 and 14 foot models available for demo and we are happy to deliver to Third Beach if you wish to take a demo.

Jackson Kayak Cuda

I digress…. The “take away” is there are more kayaks out front than ever and I caution boaters to be aware and kayak fisherman to be bright. Back to your regular programing…

Here are a few of the lures you can use to count down and “get down on it” (ya Kool & The Gang)!

Po-Jee Tin – VMC Siwash. Safer when blues are in the mix

Deadly Dick  – Good idea to change the hooks

Halco Out Cast – Cast great and adds color

While tiny anchovies and big bonito have been the buzz we have seen bigger bait like mullet and pogies fill in locally to welcome and slow the migrating bass and blues. Lure or fly selection is less critical, rather locating the fish is the key. Birds actively working the water will be a dead give away to locate both bait and the feeding fish. A pile of birds up and down suggests blewfish and/or schoolie bass. Couple loners flying low and picking up what they see are a tell tale sign of a submerged bait ball and an opportunity to blind cast. In addition to sighting the birds, I also work river mouths and jetties this time of year. Sight fishing is another option for the light tackle enthusiast. I will often see feeding stripers working the area where the jetty meets the beach, so keep an eye out.

Tautog fishing is back into full swing as the water cools. These are tasty fish to catch during this time of year before they move offshore for the winter. Anchoring up current of a rocky structure in 15-25 feet water is the ideal boat placement. Chumming with crushed crabs will get these bottom feeders, feeding right behind your boat. If I’m not into them quickly I will head to another location. I like to jig using a 1/2 oz.-2 oz. jig head with a green or Asian crab hooked onto the jig. You can also add a teaser above the jig. You will also see that the sea bass are still plentiful around any rocky area. The Shimano Lucanus jigs tipped with a squid strip is my go to for these.

Offshore fishing for yellowfin tuna, sword and bigeye has been as good as its been all summer, its likely you will be able to squeeze in another trip or two. While the bluefin bite in the Mudhole and nearby has yet to materialize: the reports of baby bluefin in Cape Cod Bay have some of the “tune addicted” trailering to the ramps on CCB. For the giant and jig & pop anglers, the best fishing of the fall may still be ahead of us! East of Chatham pink squid bars on the troll and Point Jude Deep Force, Danny Mac Elite Series Tuna Jigs and Orca topwaters on the spin. Bill Hurley’s sand eel infused Tuna Bomb has been well received by those looking for a soft bait to imitate sand eels. Also know we have a restocking order on the way for the full line of RonZ that will ship when they complete their relocation. This is obviously very good news for northeast tuna fisherman.

Grab your rod and reel and take advantage of the crisp fall weather on the water. The season is not over yet but the clock is ticking!!

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