fishing report 10.25.13

Saltwater Edge Fishing Report 10.25.13 – Chew and Screw

Photo Courtesy of Captain Ryan Gluek

Photo Courtesy of Captain Ryan Gluek

The incessant winds have been the biggest challenge these past couple weeks. While we have avoided major storms the wind seems to have been +15 most days. Those who get out find that school stripers and various sized bluefish are around in good numbers feasting on the abundant bay anchovies. Bigger bait has been on the move with the mullet winding down as the herring and bunker are becoming more abundant. There are also reports of large sand eels along sand beaches. The consensus opinion is that the “staggered” “strung out” “delayed” appearance of the herring has resulted in small concentrations of bigger baits and a “chew and screw” type of migration with little bird activity associated. The bait is in a location for a tide or two and moves on; whereas the anchovies are so abundant that they have kept the schoolie and bluefish action fairly consistent.  Refer to the Tackle and Tactics blog post on bait balls to make the most of this unusually abundant year for bay anchovies. Matching the hatch has been a key with these small baits one effective technique is to use a small deceiver or a Red Gill Rascal 10 inches in front of a tin like Point Jude Nautilus or Butterfish. The casting egg is another great way to send out those small lures and flies.

There are plenty of good fish north of the Canal and rare reports of the Canal “going off” suggesting (fingers crossed) the classic fall surf action is ahead of us.  There are striper blitzes everyday all along the coast. One day Westport is “on fire” and the next Narragansett Beach is “lit up”. The surfcaster is faced with a dilemma and that is to bank on his favorite spot to produce which it should at various times or to hit a few spots on a given trip.

We still have moster blue fish patrolling our area as well.  The blues have been working the same bait as the stripers creating great topwater action.  Once I get my share of blues I will usually work a bucktail jig tipped with pork rind or a diamond jig underneath the school to get into stripers feeding below.

Tautog fishing is still outstanding.  There has been lots of keeper fish all though out the bay as well as out front.  Working the rock piles in the bay is a great way to hide from the wind.  Anchoring up current of any rocky structure in 10- 30 ft will get you into fish.  Green and Asian Crabs on a high low rig with a 1-3 once sinker seems to be a good go to rig.  We are lucky to have so much rocky structure throughout our state.  If you aren’t getting into fish rather quickly, move to another rocky structure.  This is where a chart helps to find the best structure.

The warm water temps, abundant bait and the herring and bunker joining the menu bodes well for the coming weeks. As one writer suggested “the quality fishing this fall may well exceed the attention span of the fisherman” We certainly have a few more weeks of consistent fishing ahead of us so get out and enjoy it.

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