Saltwater Edge Fishing Report 8.1.13 – Blue Dog Days


saltwater edge fishing report long fin

Team Resolved – Long Fin


Recent weather has included a north wind that followed the deluge that broke the record heat spell and like the weather it’s fair to say the fishing remains unsettled. We are between the moons to boot so hot or unsettled weather with not much current flow to stir the pot creates the “dog days”. One could argue they should be called the “blue dog” days as bluefish are abundant around Aquidneck and Block.

saltwater edge fishing report
Photo Courtesy of Teezer77 Charters 

Inshore striper fishing is a “first light” game for the light tackle angler using surface plugs and jigging over structure if you can get through the blues and a “dead of night” affair for the surfcaster. Daytime action seems limited to wire line trolling the reefs around Block. You may well connect with bonito on the troll as well. A circumnavigation of the Block in search of bonito produced “nada”. The speedsters are due! There have been no entries in the SWE Wasabi Photo Contest as of Friday (details below)

saltwater edge fishing report offshore

A couple of “stellar” days have brought a more consistent bluefin bite in the cooler water breaks off Block. The bait is lined up with butterfish, frigate mackerel and halfbeaks in the mix so much so that they have brought whales within sight of the bluffs.
The canyons have been rewarding for the bold; including yellowfin, big eye, long fin, an abundance of mahi as well as white AND some respectable sized blue marlin. Bright squid bars, ballyhoo and jigs have been most productive.

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