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Saltwater Edge Fishing Report 8.21.15

Saltwater Edge Fishing Report 8.21.15

Inshore Fishing

saltwater edge fishing report

The inshore fishing of late has blown peoples minds. One day it is “epic” near Westport and the next is a “serious chew” off Quonny. We have had reports from most every place in between as well. The vast schools of sand eels, bay ancovies, squid, mackerel and adult and baby pogies have made it so.

peanut bunker

Peanut Bunker

Green Mackeral

Green Mackerel

On the days there are gamefish around you are in for a treat.

The recent influx of bonito tearing through the schools of bait have both fly rodder’s and light tackle enthusiasts are taking full advantage. This year more than most you seem to need to cover some ground to find the days sustained feed; but like the county song says “It’s 5 o’clock somewhere”

The most productive lures for bonito have been small metals such as the SI Epoxy Jigs, Kastmaster and the Point Jude Po-Jee. A fast retrieve (even burning it accross the surface) seems to be working best to connect to these speedsters. For the fly fisher, the Weighted Bonito Bunny, Clouser Minnow in chartreuse and pink and a variety of Skok Whitebait Mushy’s have been productive flies. If you haven’t checked out our Bonito Tackle and Tactics you can do so here.

fly fishing for bonito

Bonito on a 3 wt!          Courtesy of Plug n Play Charters

Aside from the bonito around Aquidneck Island we have had typical summer fishing with bluefish and schoolie stripers on top most mornings.  Talkin’ PoppersJumpin Minnows and SP Minnows connected to wire leaders have been the go-to lures.

As with most summers Block Island remains the most productive use of your striper time and night time is the right time for sure. Use whatever you want as long as it’s an eel.

Fluke fishing has been steady. Some think they are still hanging around taking advantage of all the snapper blues around as easy prey. Jigs tipped with squid strips or snapper blues have been winning combos for the fluke. Use a Spro Jig to find the bottom and tip it with squid strips or the effective and convienent Chartreuse Gulp Swimming Mullet.

Offshore Fishing

The offshore fishing has been tremendously exciting so far this season with many memorable catches from the bluewater. In this case a few pictures from last week are worth a thousand words.

light tackle mahi mahi

The Newlywed with Bull Mahi

saltwater edge fishing report

Kevin with a personal best topwater bluefin Courtesy of Coastal Charters Sportfishing

saltwater edge fishing report

Even the Shimano Rep gets tight!

light tackle mako shark

Taylor’s pitch bait mako

saltwater edge fishing report

The bar raising Captains! Jack and Lou Courtesy of Hot Reels Sportfishing and East Coast Charters

That’s from this week! Needless to say now is the time to run offshore. Our product selection is tailored to the inshore/offshore angler who is looking to go as far as the weather window will allow in his center console. We stock 36 inch Carlson Canyon Bars and Daisy Chains, cedar plugs, Joe Shutes and frozen rigged ballyhoo for trollers. Point Jude Deep Force and Ron Z Big Game for the vertical jiggers and Williamson Surface Pro Poppers and Shimano Orca’s for the topwater enthusiast.

Working around the weather systems the fishing should remain consistent throughout the next few moons due to the acres of bait. With bass, blues and bonito already in town and reports of the ultimate party crasher – false albacore in the Elizabeth’s late summer is looking really good. Tight lines!

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