saltwater edge fishing report

Saltwater Edge Fishing Report – A Great Start

Saltwater Edge Fishing Report – Off to a Great Start

saltwater edge fishing report

As we enter the last half of June and despite a chilly start and epic rain it is fair to say the saltwater fishing scene in Southern New England is off to a great start. The annual spring striped bass migration is always a cherished time for anglers up and down the coast. As large bass school up and proceed with their northern migration consuming as much bait as possible to fuel themselves for their travels. This Spring the Rhode Island coast has been stacked high with schools of healthy bass.

Captain Corey 34 lb

One of the best around has a few open dates

If you are able to find the bait and the bouts of wind and rain have made that a challenge you are likely going to find a school of bass close by. In the bays there has been a lot bass harassing bunker schools so large pencil poppers, big flies and live pogies have been fooling there fair share of fish.

saltwater edge fishing report

Fishing on the ocean side has been strong the past couple of weeks with bass chasing hoards of various types of bait. Bucktails tipped with either a Red Gill tail or pork rind has been getting the job done and has accounted for several LARGE fish including Chris Nelsons fat 46”which was measured and released.

The Fluke bite has been on lately with a lot of fish in the 20-30 ft depth with some larger flatties in deeper water. Larger rigs such as BJ Sylvia’s have been triggering a lot of strikes.


saltwater edge fishing report

The Bluefin Tuna game started with a bang with impressive specimens being caught in Cape Cod Bay on both top water lures and soft baits. This CCB beauty pounded the Got Stryper Pearl. Scattered reports of Block Island bluefin as well.




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