Saltwater Edge Fishing Report Deja Vu 8.30.13

My apologies to those of you who got a link to the admin page instead of a Saltwater Edge Fishing Report last week. Since that time we have had a lot of rain and wind. Seems Labor Day evening was a good bass night in Newport and at the Canal. As yet we have not seen anchovies or mullet; but the moon tides and cooler weather should be a party starter.

Saltwater Edge Fishing Report 8.30.13

Saltwater Edge Fishing Report

Diversify This Weekend!

Another fantastic fishing week in the books for Rhode Island. The diversity of fish in our state right now is astonishing. The biggest news are the presence of bluefin tuna hanging around Block Island. These football sized bluefin have been a blast to catch on light tackle spinning rods. Point Jude Po Jee and Deadly Dicks continue to be the top lures to catch these pelagics. The ability to cast these lures far makes them a great choice. Their slender profile mimics the sand eel which the bluefin crave. These tuna are ranging in size from 10 to 25 pounds.

saltwater edge fishing report

The bonito are still racing around the ocean front foraging on the plethora of bait all around them. The bonito seem to be in small tight schools popping up only for short amounts of time. These fish can become finicky and when they do, try a casting egg and rig a teaser fly or a soft plastic off the egg. The fly fisher has no problem matching the hatch as they are able to cast small flies with ease. Sand eel patternsClouser Minnows, and the Bonito Bunnies are still the go-to flies. I still have no reports of a shore caught bonito, but it has to be soon.

saltwater Edge fishing report

The striper bite seems to be improving as we move into September. The local reefs have been fishing great this past week. With all the pogies hanging around there have been some big bass being caught even on topwater lures! Finding these ambush spots for the bass is key.

We still have our favorite table fare of fluke hanging around. Reports of good size keepers are still rolling in. Jigs with squid strips or Gulp casted from shore or drifted from kayak or boat, is still the best method to catching these tasty fish.

With so many options at the moment it is hard to stay off the water. We are heading into the fall run with impressive reports already. I suspect that the fishing will continue to improve as we slowly lose daylight with each passing week.


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