saltwater edge fishing report

Saltwater Edge Fishing Report: Fresh Stripers Filing In

Saltwater Edge Fishing Report: 4.15.13

While not filling in everywhere yet; fresh stripers have arrived at their early season land falls here in the Ocean State. The wait is over…

To connect with your first striped bass of 2013 look for a warm breeze, a southwest facing corner and ideally low midday tides. The onshore breeze with help collect the bait and the low tides will allow the sun to warm the shallows that much more. Soon the bass will fill in to the rivers and backwaters where the water warms the quickest. Winter spots like the Providence River should turn on first.

Spring Striper Lures

spring stripers

Kick’r Minnow – hand poured for great action with slow retrieves and scent infused

The effective lures are no surprises: Top Waters like Jumpin Minnow, the Koppers Mullet Waking Bait and high in the water column soft plastics like the Kick’R Minnows and the long casting Albie Snax.

Spring Striper Flies

saltwater edge fishing report

Alex Bewley’s first striper of 2013 on 4/11

For flies go with everybody’s favorite the Ray’s Fly or a simple shrimp fly. Particularly as the bass settle into the coves, salt ponds and rivers that warm first. Both of these flies are effective teasers as well. Or they can be fished under a casting egg.

casting egg

Just the ticket to get castingdistance with light teasers and flies

For a complete review of techniques and gear for spring stripers check out “Effective Techniques for Spring Stripers” and “Gear Up for Spring Stripers” . Please pinch down the barbs, remove the hangers and swap for single hooks where practical. Most of the fish for the next few weeks are aggressive and small; so one hook should be plenty. These fish are our future so please handle with care.

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