saltwater edge fishing report

Saltwater Edge Fishing Report – Have It Your Way!

saltwater edge fishing report

Nice flats fish

Like the old Burger King ad “have it your way” on the wire troll, on a topwater or on the long wand. Aquidneck Island, the Upper Bay and the Canal have been producing. We had a surf caught 50 lber in Newport this week and the Cape Cod Canal busted wide open the last Saturday and particularly on Sunday and then went quite on a chilly Memorial Day. Folks have been catching fish in the meantime in the ditch; but it was a tortuous case of “should have been here yesterday”

Mix it Up

Upper Bay live lining continues to produce all be it less consistently. Look for fish lower in the bay and don’t be afraid to mix it up. This beast came boat side on a deep troll after a frustrating effort to get below the bluefish.

Saltwater Edge Fishing Report

Pig on wire line

Start of a transition..

One would think the warmer temps of late may start to transition the fishing from spring to summer mode. There are a couple spring time occurrences that have been slow to materialize or did so in fits and starts. There has not been much of a squid run as yet and the worm hatch has been inconsistent. Jim Barr of Skinny Water Charters reports a resurgence of the worms in South County salt ponds.

Saltwater Fly Fishing

The worm hatch is one of the highlight of the saltwater fly fishing season in Southern New England. Now is a great time to try the long wand. Tomorrow we are offering another Fly Fishing 101 session at 10 and at 1. The clinic is free; but please call the shop (401-842-0062) to book your spot.

Message is clear the fishing is good and can be excellent most days. Get out and enjoy it your way!!

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