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Saltwater Edge Gear Review Get Organized!

 Saltwater Edge Holiday Gift Guide – ‘Tis the Season to Get Organized

There have never been more options to help an angler stay organized. That’s great, because how you organize your gear is a very personal thing. If you look hard enough, you can find just about any feature combination. There is even a line of tackle boxes that incorporates a boom box!

wild river

In a general sense, there are three methods of organization. One is the “grab and go” guy who wants to grab one bag and be reasonably prepared; but as a result, they may find they have Albie metals on board in the spring. Then there is the minimalist, who believes presentation is the key, and that a handful of lures/flies will get the job done.  The third angler type we see has different bags and boxes by condition; be it rocks or sand, day or night, baitfish or critters.

Despite all the machinations and options, we have found the following items to be the most popular for organizing your gear:

plano 3730 deep

Plano Deep Tackle Box (3730)  – Our most popular Plano box, this box is deep enough for your bigger lures with 5/0 trebles and infinitely adjustable to accommodate most any saltwater hard bait.

3770 plano

Plano Utility Box (3770) – This “little brother” to the “Deep” above is great for smaller lures, soft plastics and flies.  Highly adjustable.

mak-surfcasting-bag_1 (1)

MAK 4 Tube Surf Bag – This is our most popular surf bag. Quality construction, durable materials and a thoughtful design that accommodates lures, tins, bucktails and rigging supplies.


Aquaskinz Small “Tall” Belt Bag – The ideal belt bag for a specific tide or fishing condition.  Also accommodates bucktails and pork rinds.

MAK Angler Boat Bag

MAK Boat Bag – A long awaited solution for the boat angler, this bag is built to sit in standing water. The modular design accommodates the “Deep” Plano’s above, plus a row of tubes to organize big plugs, metals, flies in the main compartment, with loads of additional storage for terminal tackle and other accessories. Gear Review video here.

Orvis floating fly

Orvis Lightweight Fly Box – Great box for the smaller saltwater flies the wading angler is likely to carry. Plus, it floats.


Umpqua Ultimate Boat Box – One tough box that will hold a couple dozen saltwater flies in slotted foam. The Zerust Rust Inhibitor helps eliminate rust, as does the exterior foam sheet for drying flies. Will float if it goes for a swim.

Hopefully, you found these suggestions helpful. “Tis the season to get organized!

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