saltwater edge/ van staal surf shootout

Saltwater Edge/Van Staal Surf Shootout Details

saltwater edge/ van staal surf shootoutSaltwater Edge/Van Staal Surf Shootout Additional Details

Here is the original announcement for the The Saltwater Edge/Van Staal Surf Shootout

These are the additional details:

Awards Breakfast will be at 8 am to accommodate low tide at Castle Hill at 714 am.

Top Fish wins a pair of Van Staal Titanium Pliers and the next 4 finishers win $50 Gift Certificates from each of the other Go Tight Sponsors Stormr, Guppy Lures, Super Strike and MAK Surfcasting.

In recognition of our 20th Anniversary and our commitment to protecting striped bass the best “release video” will win a “20% off any item in the store” coupon.

Please be aware that the Go Tight Catch and Release is a series of one week tournaments. You need to participate in six weeks to qualify for the playoffs in the fall. You can start participating now and still have an equal chance to win the whole thing. Nearly 40 teams are participating and it would be great to see that number grow. Striped bass and surfcasters every where are fortunate that Dave Anderson has stepped up to make this happen. Well done Dave! And while we are at it Happy Birthday!!

A bit about the first 20 years at The Saltwater Edge here.

All things Go Tight here.

Call the shop at 401-842-0062 to sign up or go to the Saltwater Edge Events page on Facebook

Hope to see you this weekend!!


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