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Saltwater Edge Technique and Tactics – Saltwater Fly Fishing the Fall

I was fortunate as my interest in saltwater fly fishing grew that I connected with the Rhody Fly Rodders. RFR is the oldest saltwater fly fishing club in America and they meet regularly and host on the water outings throughout the season. I used to eagerly await the Monthly Newsletter because it was always packed with great articles from the membership. You can learn more about the club here.

As a result of attending the meetings and reading the newsletter I came to know Kenney Abrames and Ray Bonderew. These are two of the most observant and generous saltwater fly rodders I know and with the recent chill in the air it seemed like the right time to share their thoughts on Fall. Enjoy.

saltwater fly fishing ken abrames

J Kenney Abrames – The Fall

Kenney’s Striper Moon blog

saltwater fly fishing ray bonderew

Ray Bonderew – Ray’s Mullet Fly

Ray’s Fly blog



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