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Schoolie Time is Here!


Welcome back!

The schoolie bite has begun. At this point it is for winter over fish and confined to backwaters and salt ponds.  Slow deep retrieves are needed and some days the bite can be maddeningly short in duration; but it’s impossible not to be excited about the first tug of 2015! As the weather warms the early season bonanza of feisty, fresh fish and friendly fellow fishermen will get bigger and better. There is a lot to look forward to.

Here’s a gear review on selecting an outfit for spring schoolies.

New Lures for Spring Schoolies

Every year there are a number new lures introduced and there are a few that should be productive this spring.

Bomber long shot

Bomber Long Shot

The “saltwater grade” Bomber Long Shot is a slender minnow bait that is well engineered for casting distance and with an enticing action. The 5 inch version should be super this spring, An internal weight transfer system allows the rattle to roll to the tail end of the bait on the cast, then rolls back into position when the lure hits the water. That, along with the aerodynamic shape that cuts through the air, makes for super-long-distance casts even into a stiff wind. The Long Shot  has a wide swimming action that mimics an injured baitfish – a trigger for all species of gamefish to strike. Saltwater Grade indicates the Long Shots come equipped with 4x saltwater hooks, heavy duty hardware and is available in 5, 6 and 7 inch models.

mag darter

 Yo-Zuri Mag Darters are proven winners and the “new” versions come in at a more palatable price point. Like the Bomber Long Shot the Mag Darter incorporates a weight transfer system (steel balls and a magnet in this case) that maximizes casing distance and then on the retrieve, the balls are locked in the belly of the lure by the magnet to provide a balanced, irresistible wiggling action that mimics an injured baitfish. The bait will float when the retrieve is paused. The paint jobs are incredibly detailed, with over-sized 3-D eyes, and raised gill plates. Ultra sharp stainless steel treble hooks ensure quick hook sets, while through-wire construction adds strength and durability for fighting larger fish.

Not New Just Awesome Lures 

Your spring schoolie kit is complete with a few Jumping Minnows and bucktail jigs.

rebel jumping minnow

Many anglers swap out the cheap trebles are a single Siwash hook in the tail. Owner recently launched a single replacement 3X hook made of Zo-Wire with a relatively small wire diameter for it’s given strength ensuring better penetration.

bucktail jigs

Andrus Jetty Cast

There are a lot of jig manufacturers to choose from and Andrus and Blue Frog are some of our favorites. Select a lighter jig to allow a slow retrieve in the shallow water that will warm first.

ed schoolie

Ed “The Party Starter” Sousa with a winter over striper

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