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ASMFC Striped Bass Management Board Meeting Agenda 2/6/19

This much-anticipated meeting is loaded with important topics and tough decisions. It’s conceivable the Board might not have all this information they need due to make any decisions.

This diclaimer was recently releasesed.

Due to a partial lapse in federal appropriations, the final Benchmark Assessment and the SARC Review of the Assessment will likely be unavailable for Board consideration at this meeting. Board review of those reports will be conducted once they have been released.”

Striped Bass Management Board Agenda

* Welcome/Call to Order (M. Armstrong)
* Board Consent 
Approval of Agenda
Approval of Proceedings from October 2018
* Public Comment
* Review Preliminary ASMFC Stock Assessment Summary (M. Celestino)*
* Discuss Next Steps for Striped Bass Management (M. Armstrong) Possible Action
* Consider Providing Comment to NOAA Fisheries Regarding Proposed Measures to Lift the Ban on Recreational Fishing in the Federal Block Island Sound Transit Zone (M. Armstrong)
* Review Maryland’s Conservation Equivalency Effectiveness Report of 2018 Recreational Measures for the Chesapeake Bay Summer and Fall Fishery (M. Luisi)
* Review Changes to Virginia’s Striped Bass Monitoring Program (N. Lengyel) Action
* Other Business/Adjourn

Join the Striped Bass Management Board Webinar 2:30-5

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