SWE Customer Rewards Tutorial

We are THRILLED to bring back the SWE Customer Rewards Program with the roll out of our new ecommerce website. Because of the changes, we decided we’d encourage our clients to create their own customer account by offering 200 rewards points for doing so.

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Creating an account is the first step in benefiting from the program. We’ve recorded a series of videos aimed at walking you through the basic steps of creating your account, as well as some other actions you can take on the website to earn rewards points. Follow the tutorials and you’ll be on your way to rewards.

Step 1 – Creating a Customer Account

Step 2 – Redeeming a SWE Rewards Coupon


Step 3 – Submitting a Product Review


Step 4 – Redeeming Rewards Points Towards Purchases

Thanks so much for tuning in for these tutorials. Let us know if you have any issues with any of these steps and we’d be happy to do whatever we can to help.

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