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Tackle and Tactics: Fishing Reel Service Do It Now

The offseason is the right time to take a look at your gear figure out what you want to upgrade, what needs repair and what needs maintenance. A little attention before the season will help you avoid the disappointment that inconsistent drags, cracked ceramic inserts, and spinning reel seats produce.

Fishing Reel Service

Reels, in particular, can be intimidating; for some of us, the inside of a reel looks about as simple as a Swiss watch. The fact is the saltwater environment is particularly hard on tackle; the fish pull harder, salt is uniquely corrosive, and there are gunwales and rocks to provide an additional beating. If you conclude your reels need to be reconditioned we know just the guy for the job. Steve Cook is the Sr Executive Vice President of Rods and Reels at the Saltwater Edge and has extensive experience with most reel models, maintains an extensive parts inventory and is above all else meticulous. We have had many customers comment upon return of their reels. “Wow, I never would have thought it would turn out this good” “That’s unreal. I thought that reel was a goner.”

Steve evaluates the reel and communicates with you as to the extent of work required. With your “go ahead” he breaks it down and cleans it completely. Here is a Penn reel completely disassembled:

Steve then meticulously reassembles the reel replacing parts and lubricating as he goes.

We are confident you will be impressed by the condition of you refurbished reel. If you are interested in Steve’s services, just bring the reels to the shop, and we will do the rest. Turn around time is about two weeks. Most reels cost $25 to service, clean, lubricate and reassemble completely. More complicated cases will be discussed in advance.

In-Season Maintenance

Remember simple in season maintenance will go a long way toward extending the life and overall performance of your tackle. Lightly rinsing your gear with fresh water after each saltwater trip is a great habit. Don’t use high water pressure as it will drive the salt and sand into the tackle. For simple reel, maintenance uses small amounts of Corrosion X as a light lubricant and Cal’s Universal Reel Grease for gears and drags.

The season is upon us. Get your gear in shape now.

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