Tautog – Show Us Your Teeth Photo Contest

Show Us Your Teeth and Win a Cabo!

Send us your best photo of a tautog and win a Quantum Cabo 50! White Chinners might not have the majesty of a striper or the palette of an albie; but do your best to capture the fun of tog fishing.


The Quantum Cabo 50 is our best selling boat reel. It’s strong, smooth and tough with a formidable drag stack.  Another feature “boat guys” like is the nitinol bail wire that recoils to it’s original shape should you bang it on the gunwale. Many thanks to Quantum for sponsoring this contest.


To enter send your photos to peter@saltwateredge.com. We have committee of three judges including two folks who have had their images purchased by magazines and manufacturers. They know their stuff and then there’s me.

Here’s the legal mumbojumbo. You enter the image we have the right to use it. Contest ends 12/15 just as the tautog season does.

Have at it!!

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