The Computer Guy’s Tuna Trip – Chris C

I finally got to go on my first Tuna Trip a couple days ago. Video cannot begin to show the things I’ve seen. I think we’ve got to get clearance on bringing out the HD camera to really try to capture some of the madness. I have a few images deeply ingrained in my mind though. “Small” 50 – 100# bluefin playfully leaping out of the water. A somewhat larger specimen mauling halfbeaks at the surface. A pod of behemoths “pushing” water just 50 yards off starboard. A tuna blowing up on the spreader bar. Never mind the pods of whales and insane amounts of bait and birds.

Picture 002

Take it from me, find a way to get out there.

At one point, on the way back in I was gazing off port just letting the days activities sink in. Then, all of a sudden probably 500 yds out another large BFT decides to just sky out of the water. I pointed at the area and sure enough, the fish leaped out of the water one more time, everyone else saw it too and I was glad that they wouldn’t just think I was “crazy” or “seeing things” after a day of total sensory overload.

Again, this video cannot even come close, it was shot w/ the shop Canon SD750, you can’t even zoom once you start to shoot. Hopefully we’ll get a real camera out there to capture some of the wildness.

A special thanks to Capt. Don and Jay from Laura Jay Charters ( They gave me a real appreciation the level of preparation and precision that go into a successful trip. Thanks a million guys.

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