Top Five Lures for False Albacore

The common “party starters” for hardtail season is the small young of the year baits like bay anchovies, peanut bunker, and butterfish.

bay anchovy

Typical Bay Anchovy – Newport RI

It could be worse! Photo Credit Joey Manansala

This collection of micro baits can be hard to identify and even harder to find an effective lure to imitate it.

The anchovies and peanuts are tight schooling, and you can see the “bait balls” on the fish finder, and they can appear as dark brown/rusty patches in the water in the case of anchovies. These baits are tough to imitate and create an annually perplexing situation without one solution. So we conducted an unscientific survey to determine the “Top Five Lures for False Albacore”. Here are the results.

Saltwater Edge Survey – Top Five Lures for False Albacore

Point Jude Po Jee

1) Point Jude Po-Jee – The Po-Jee casts a mile, has a high-quality quality VMC Siwash hook and is ass weighted, so it rides at an angle and stays in the water in front of the fish even when you “burn it” with a high speed retrieve. Other lure designs can flip flop along the surface and in and out of the water. The Po-Jee stays on the dinner plate.

Hogy Epoxy Jig

2) Hogy SI Epoxy Jigs – Ava Maria Jigs revisited. The guys at Hogy Lures nailed the recreation of a proven; but a discontinued winner. This lure looks awesome in the water as it refracts light through the epoxy finish coat. The other small metals lack the quality VMC hardware of the SI Epoxy Jig. When you need to mix it up some of the “unnatural” colors like Electric Chicken or Pink can be the ticket. Use the larger sizes later in the fall as the herring and bunker grow an inch a month in late summer. And the new “Heavy” versions are great to get the distance you may want from the shore and for rough conditions when the albies can really chew.

alble snax

3) Albie Snax – This is a long casting and long lasting plastic with unreal action, Bubble Gum stands out against a sea of bay anchovies. White has been a great striper bait as well. Also, using a casting egg can help spin fisherman deliver soft plastics and flies if need be.

4)  Deadly Dick – The “classic” lure for funny fish. The smaller 1L or .85 oz version in silver or blue tape are the most popular. Must swap the poor quality treble for VMC treble or the VMC or Owner inline hooks.

5) Yozuri L-Jack Jig – Hard to come by the flat jig that is an excellent imitation for picky fish. Single quality treble. Orange and pink are top choices when imitating anchovies

False Albacore Fishing Tips

Here are some tips on fishing for albies from Tom Richardson of New England Boating. Tom has been writing about New England fishing for years. Previously he was Editor of Saltwater Sportsman Magazine. Always good stuff from Tom.

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