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Top Five Lures for Schoolie Bass

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Top Five Lures for Spring Schoolies

From the first holdover bass of March until the bigger bass arrive on the heals of the bigger baits like bunker and squid the striper fisherman is focused on schoolie bass. Here are our Top Five Lures for Schoolie Stripers.

rebel jumping minnow

First Choice is the Jumping Minnow in Bone. Great searching lure that with the right rod you can get some distance as well. Many anglers swap out the cheap trebles are a single Siwash hook in the tail. Owner recently launched a single inline 3X hook made of Zo-Wire with a relatively small wire diameter for it’s given strength ensuring better penetration.

badonk a donk

The Badonk a Donk is a popular lure down south for topwater redfish and is increasing so here in the northeast. It walk the dog with the best of them and an internal rattle. The hardware is good out of the box; but you may swap the treble for a siwash.


There are a lot of jig manufacturers to choose from and Andrus and Blue Frog are some of our favorites. Select a lighter jig (1/4 or 1/2) to allow a slow retrieve in the shallow water that will warm first.

Limetuse Swim Shad

Another type on jig are the internally weighted plastics like the Tsunami Swim Shad. Smaller 4 inch versions can be the ticket in spring.



Rounding out the Top Five is the Owner Jig Head with a Cocahoe Minnow or Zoom Fluke for the tail. Great hook on these jigs and well as a barb to hold the soft plastic in place. The 3/8 oz is the most popular.

Some of these same lures in larger sizes will serve you well as the bigger baits fill in.



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