Orvis Silver Sonic Stockingfoot Waders

Top Rated Gear You Wear

Gear Review: Top Rated Gear You Wear 

Stormr is the place to go for warmth in cold, wet conditions. The company has developed a set of gear that exceeds expectations and this includes the accessories like  Socks, Gloves and Beanies. What customers have to say after they have purchased tells you all you need to know. “My hands are warm and I have more dexterity than I would have expected” or “The 3mm socks are cadillacs for the feet. Ideal when I wetsuit and I know they’ll be perfect for steelheading” or “The beanie is awesome. You know you lose 50% of your body heat through your head right”

fall run

800 Series Dry Top

We get very consistent feedback on both quality and function from customers who have purchased Guy Cotten Dry Tops. From a functionality standpoint surfcasters and kayak fisherman want a lightweight, breathable top that keeps you dry and allows unrestricted movement. From a features standpoint a comfortable, adjustable collar, gusseted sleeves that prevent water from running up your arm and an effective system to create a seal at the waist are the most important features to our customers. The Guy Cotten Dry Tops score well on all these points. There are two version of the top available the 800 Series and the 1200. Both use the same breathable Dremtech+ material and share the features discussed; but the 800 Series is entirely black (image above)  and uses neoprene cuffs and velcro to create the seal at the wrist. The 1200 Series uses navy material in the shoulders and more importantly utilizes latex for wrist gaskets similar to those found on dive suits. This creates a very tight seal. And like dive suits they can be trimmed for the optimum seal.

Orvis Silver Sonic Stockingfoot Waders

Orvis Silver Sonic Stockingfoot Waders

“Love ’em. I don’t think I have worn a more comfortable pair of waders plus the (insert thoughful feature here) are great!” or words to that effect is what we hear from customer who have purchased the Orvis Sonic Waders. Constructed using the patented Orvis SonicSeam technology, all thread and stitch holes are eliminated and seams are double reinforced, prolonging the life of the waders dramatically. These are hard-wearing, breathable, everyday waders for the serious angler. One of the most popular features is the innovative suspension system allows you to convert them to waist-highs without removing suspenders, great for long walks and to regulate your body temp. Orvis has been making waders a long time and it shows in the design of the very handy flip-out interior waterproof pocket that can hold a camera or a cell phone. The anatomically correct, sculpted neoprene booties provide awesome fit and comfort.

korkers buckskin

Korkers Buckskins

The  Korkers Buckskins have become the most popular Korkers model for the wading fisherman. In the northeast you fish a combination of sand and rock and often do a lot of walking. The Buckskin has the support and durability needed to meet the challenges of the surf. Customers feel they “get a better fit” with laces and the Buckskin utilizes grommets allowing you to confidently tighten as much as you need. The boot material is lighter and more durable that you find on the Redside. In addition all the stitching is recessed to improve durability. Priced above the Redside and below the BOA models customers have been consistently pleased with Buckskin in our waters.


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