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St. Croix tide master rod:$210 Shimano Spheros reel $129: Rebel  jumping minnow $6.49, Steve replacing the factory hooks before I left the store: Priceless

I love top water fishing. There is nothing like the feeling of anticipation after casting a surface plug. If you spin fish, you know the feeling, The plug makes a splash and you start retrieving it; next thing you know there is a wake behind the plug and all senses are on high alert because it is about to hit the fan.

I was thinking of this kind of fishing when I entered the Edge. I was looking for one of my favorite plugs- the rebel jumping minnow in bone. Steve was manning the counter and helped me find the plug and a few other things. He’s great at helping you find a few other things

He started to ring me out when he looked down and said “Let me change those hooks out for you.” He took off the factory wire hooks and split rings and put on some VMC’s. Steve is always going the extra mile: you’re not going to get service like that at any of the big box stores.

The next day I met a friend to fish one of the salt ponds in South county. We were looking forward to a day fishing for schoolies in some shallow water.  We got the skunk off the boat almost as soon as we stopped, and after putting a few feisty shorts on board, we were getting ready to move.  I gave the proverbial last cast. The plug splashed down and I let it settle for a minute then started walking the dog. The plug switched a couple of times when a wall of water came from nowhere. You can see what happened next.

If Steve hadn’t changed the wire factory hooks for me. there’s a good chance this beauty would never have made it to the boat. As always, “thanks, Steve”

John Repoza

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