Wally’s Lures: Wood That Works

Among the Saltwater Edge selection of wood lures is a builder from Cape Cod that we simply know as “Wally”. Following the successes our customers experienced with the Wally’s Lures darters that he masterfully crafts, we’ve continued to add from his diverse line up. We now feature three sizes of needle fish, pencil poppers, his very popular darters and a variety of metal lip swimmers.

wally's lures needle wally's lures

Wally packs 50 years of experience into his wood turning and designs. He has tailored his plugs for specific areas throughout New England and it is fascinating to listen to him recount the where’s and why’s associated with the development of his lures from time spent fishing Charlestown and Watch Hill, the Cape Cod Beaches and up the coast to the New Hampshire shore.


Pictured above is a bass recently taken on one of Wally’s LONG 9 metal lip swimmers and below is Wally with a nice fish of his own. From an interview with him recently ” I put a lot of emphasis on making my plugs durable. I use all marine grade oil based enamels for color coats, a marine grade oil based primer, seal my plugs by soaking them in a linseed oil based sealer and top coat them with Industrial grade Urethane based top coat. I add pearls and flake to attract ultra-violet light. I do not use epoxies that is why my finishes do not peel after they become chipped. I put great emphasis on durability, I do not consider my plugs to be works of art; I do not strive for that. When I build a plug I build a well engineered fish catching machine period.”

wally's lureswally's lures

A carpenter by trade, his passion for plug building was the result of the inability to find the lures that met his particular needs. The lures that he builds are his own designs and are extensively tested with a focus on their action and cast ability. Other consideration in his designs, which place emphasis the habits of predatory game fish and their response to wounded bait fish are inspired by his daughter, who studied marine biology.  This passion, experience and knowledge results in a selection of lures that Saltwater Edge customers can fish with confidence. Wally makes a very well built lure out of great materials.

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