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Gear Review – Tackle Organization and Storage

Winter Project – Tackle Organization and Storage


Search “bags” on saltwateredge.com and look at over 250 options

Fishing’s off-season affords many opportunities.  For most of us it’s the opportunity to lament being unable or unwilling to fish because our favorite species have left our zip code or the conditions at some point become so cold that we just would not enjoy the time spent on the water nearly as much.  In either event we now have the time to consider organizing ourselves better, to sort through what did and did not work for us in both tactics and tackle and then purge that which we no longer find useful.  With every new season comes a host of new gear that deserves our consideration.  As anglers we are “lured” by the challenge and this challenge can be approached in many ways thus opening an array of possibilities that may enhance our enjoyment of our time spent on the water.

As a “recreation”, our dedicated allotment is often parceled out around life’s regularly scheduled programming of kids events and family functions, lunar cycles and weather events; thus we are often forced to make the most of precious windows of time.  Organization is one of the best friends of efficiency and organizing your tackle and other gear in the off-season is a great way to increase your level of enjoyment while also helping to pass the time until the spring run.

I’m often reminded by Chris C. that we are enjoying the “Golden Age” of fishing tackle and this is true in many ways.  Technology has not only affected how we fish and what we fish with, but also, how we store what we fish with.   From the simple Plano box, which is now available in a myriad of sizes and configurations too the more elaborate tackle management systems that provide nearly infinite options to sort, store and transport our gear.  With technology comes expense and quite often we have considerable investments in this equipment which demands greater care and maintenance.

Boat and Kayak Bags

These bags are designed to transport to and store your gear while on a boat or kayak. A good boat bag should have a water proof bottom as it will inevitably get wet as water sloshes out the scuppers.

Calcutta Large Boat Bag

Calcutta Large Boat Bag

Some like the Calcutta Large Boat Bag are wide open and you add the Plano’s to accommodate your needs.

Calcutta Medium Tackle Bag

Calcutta Medium Tackle Bag


Others like the Calcutta Medium Tackle Bag are more sophisticated with a variety of layouts and come with boxes included in addition to pockets and lanyards to accommodate terminal tackle and tools.

Bags and Packs for Wading Anglers

The wading angler needs a compact, reasonably lightweight bag that will stay out of the way until needed.

MAK 3 Tube Surf Bag

MAK 3 Tube Surf Bag

For the surfcaster the answer is a surf bag or/ and a series of bags attached to the wading belt.

Orvis Fanny Pack

Orvis Fanny Pack

For flats fishing or other wet wading situations, a fanny pack is usually all you need.

Put the term “bags” in the product search on saltwateredge.com and  you will have 281 items to consider. If we sell it we use it.

Protecting Other Gear


The Shimano Reel Covers for spin and round reels are a relatively small investment to protect your favorite reels when not in use.

The off season is the right time to review what worked and what didn’t last season. In that review there are likely to find opportunities to increase your efficiency and enjoyment with better organization.




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